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Visitor Parking Locations, Hours and Fees

There are 5 parking lots in Soquel Village. 4 of the parking lots are located beginning at 4525 Soquel Drive, through 4746 Soquel Drive. Lot 5 is located on W. Walnut St. The 5 parking lots are:

  • Hope Church, Lot 1: Hope Church is Free with a 2-hour limit and is located at 4525 Soquel Drive
  • Daubenbiss, Lot 2: (behind Tortilla Flats and Aldo’s): With entrances on Daubenbiss Avenue and Porter Street; Daubenbiss is Pay parking with a 2-hour limit
  • Porter, Lot 3: Located at 2880 Porter Street (across the street from Redz Hair Salon); Porter Street is Pay parking with a 4-hour limit
  • Heart of Soquel, Lot 4: (behind Sunrise Café and Ming’s Palace): With entrances through the Porter lot 3, and on Soquel Drive; Heart of Soquel is Pay parking with a 2-hour limit
  • W. Walnut Street, Lot 5: Is Free with a 2-hour limit.

Parking Fees

Parking costs $.50 / hour. Pay Stations accept cash, coin and debit /credit cards.
The Pay Stations DO NOT dispense change.