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Refuse Collection Information and Rates

The County of Santa Cruz has a franchise with GreenWaste Recovery of Santa Cruz County for the collection of refuse, recycling and yardwaste. GreenWaste Recovery is located at 735 West Beach Street, Watsonville, 95076. Telephone: (831) 426-2711 or (800) 665-2209. A variety of service options are available to residents and business-es within the unincorporated County, based on the type of refuse container provided by GreenWaste Recovery.

Carts are designed to replace cans for customers with less than one cubic yard of re-fuse. Cart refuse service includes a 64-gallon cart for recycling and a yard waste cart or compost bin. For complete details on this service, please contact GreenWaste Recov-ery for a copy of the Cart Service Guide.

Refuse bins are available in a range of sizes from 1 to 6 cubic yard capacity. Bin service includes recycling capacity equal to the refuse volume at no additional cost. If you need a level of service not covered, such as roll-off container or compactor, please call GreenWaste Recovery for information on these services and rates. If you currently have service with GreenWaste Recovery, your last billing invoice will indicate current service and rates.

Refuse Collection Rates and Services can be found at GreenWaste Recovery's Website:





Recycling and Solid Waste

Main Contact
(831) 454-2160

Buena Vista Landfill
(831) 454-2430 or
(831) 454-5154

Ben Lomond Transfer Station
(831) 454-2430 or
(831) 336-3951

Recycling and Solid Waste Staff

Kasey Kolassa
Recycling and Solid Waste Services

Tim Goncharoff
Integrated Waste Management
Programs Coordinator

Beau Hawksford
ZeroWaste Administrative Analyst

Mike Torrecillas
Operations Superintendent

Lisa Fusco
Cashiering Facilities Supervisor