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CSA Insurance

Each CSA may obtain an insurance policy acceptable to the County covering both the County and the CSA. The cost of this policy will be paid out of the specific County Service Area budget.

Each County Service Area (CSA) may be accepted into the County Self‐Insurance Program, but only as it relates to the County's liability, not the CSA’s liability. The charge will be based on the exposure to the County's insurance program and is included in the Departmental Overhead Rate.

All contractors performing work shall first submit a Certificate of Insurance acceptable to the Public Works Department showing a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 General Liability, $500,000 Automobile Liability and Worker's Compensation Insurance.

CSA Contacts

Highway Safety Lighting

(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9A Residential Lighting
(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9C Disposal Site
(831) 454-2377

CSA 9D Road Repair
(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9E Streetscape Maintenance (Live Oak/Soquel)
(831) 454-2461

CSA 57 Graham Hill (Woods Cove)
(831) 454‐2815

Drainage Zone 7
(831) 454‐2807

Private Road CSAs
(831) 454-2461

Sanitation CSAs
(831) 454‐2160