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Resources and Reports

Design Reference and Resource Links

Start at the Source, Design Guidance Manual for Stormwater Quality Protection, 1999 Edition, Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association, Forbes Custom Printing. Download PDF

Stormwater Best Management Practice Handbook, 2 Vols.: Construction, New Development & Redevelopment; California Stormwater Quality Association. To order copies or download PDF copies, please visit

Surfrider Foundation: Ocean Friendly Gardening Tips - Landscaping Techniques to improve conservation, infiltration and more!

USDA-NRCS Hydrologic Tools

USDA-NRCS Soil Survey for Santa Cruz County

USGS Regional Regression Equations for the Central Coast Region

Zone 5 Master Drainage Plan - Storm Water Master Plan and Management Program (completed in 1998)

Drainage Master Plan - for drainage facilities within the Santa Cruz County Flood Control and Water Conservation Districts - Zone 5 and 6

Electronic Form Links

Figure SWM6 Drainage System Calculation Sheet (.xls)

Figure SWM7 Instruction for Drainage System Calculations (.pdf)

Figure SWM17 Detention Calculation Form (.xls)

Figure SWM22 Retention Calculation Form – Slope Infiltration (.xls)

Figure SWM24 Retention Calculation Form – Storage Percolation (.xls)

Figure SWM25A Stormwater Treatment System Maintenance Agreement (.pdf)

Figure SWM25B Stormwater Treatment System Maintenance Agreement (.pdf)


Hydro-modification Criteria Gap Analysis

Runoff and Pollution Control Ordinance

Storm Water Management Program November 2010

2013 General Permit Compliance Guidance Document

Attachment 1, Permit Boundary Map

2012 - 2013 Annual Report – Draft

2011 - 2012 Annual Report

Attachment 1, Wasteload Allocation Attainment Program

Attachment 2, Post Audit Photographs

2010 - 2011 Annual Report

2009 - 2010 Annual Report


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