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CSA County Fees

The following fees are charged by the County and are subject to change:

  • The County Department of Public Works will charge for specific work requested by the CSA, including managing bids, field consultations, engineering estimates, and any requested research. These charges will be for actual time worked at the current hourly rate of the staff involved.
  • The Auditor/Controller charges one-half of one percent of the gross revenue received by the CSA with a minimum charge of $125 and a maximum of $500 annually.
  • Auditor/Controller charges 1 percent of benefit assessment revenue collected to cover collection efforts.
  • Public Works currently charges 10 percent of the amount actually spent by the CSA to cover departmental overhead.
  • In addition, a division overhead rate is charged when services such as Engineering, Survey or Road Maintenance crews are provided directly by Public Works. The current Division overhead rates range from 28 to 60 percent. If the work is contracted to a private company, this overhead charge does not apply.
  • Annually, each service area will be charged their prorated share of costs involved in updating and maintaining the computerized service charge system.



CSA Contacts

Highway Safety Lighting

(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9A Residential Lighting
(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9C Disposal Site
(831) 454-2377

CSA 9D Road Repair
(831) 454‐2160

CSA 9E Streetscape Maintenance (Live Oak/Soquel)
(831) 454‐2347

CSA 57 Graham Hill
(831) 454‐2815

Drainage Zone 7
(831) 454‐2807

Private Road CSAs
(831) 454‐2347

Sanitation CSAs
(831) 454‐2160